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For all the items below, please only click the boxes for those that you have in your household that are currently in working order.
 Did you access the Internet / email through your own personal / Smart phone in the last 4 weeks?
   Did you personally Access the Internet during the past 4 weeks?
 Did you read a Newspaper in the last 7 days?
   Do you have a Built-in Kitchen Sink inside your house?
 Do you have a Colour TV in your home that you can watch?
   Do you have a DVD player?
 Do you have a Fixed Telephone line at home or an outstanding application for one?
   Do you have a Free Standing Deep Freezer?
 Do you have a Hi-Fi or Music Centre?
   Do you have a Microwave Oven?
 Do you have a Mobile / Cellphone with a working line?
   Do you have a Personal Computer, Laptop or Electronic tablet (like an iPad) for your personal use at home?
 Do you have a Refrigerator?
   Do you have a Video Camera/Camcorder or device that can be record videos?
 Do you have a Washing Machine?
   Do you have an account with a Commercial Bank?
 Do you have an active Satellite Dish/ DSTV/Cable TV subscription?
   Do you have an electric iron?
Do you have one or more Cars in your household that you travel in regularly?
   Do you live in a Brick house/ Cluster house/ Condominium/Flat?
 Have you bought brand new Adult Clothing in the past 6 months?
   Have you watched TV in the last 7 days?
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