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What is it?

At Integra Africa we believe that we can create internal and external tribes based on brands and not ethnicity.

 is a system that creates a valuable and sustainable internal brand tribe.

 stands for:

Talent Retention and Return through Internal Brand Engagement.

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Why do we call your people talent and not staff?

Well the dictionary definition of talent is: ‘a special natural ability or aptitude or a capacity for achievement or success’. These definitions speak to the need to attract the right people in the first place and then retain them in order to be really successful and maintain the competitive advantage that only people, can give an organisation.
The brand experience is realised by your people at every touch point. Most organisations have Visions and values that they place on the wall but how do you create an enduring and aligned brand culture within your organisation that focuses effort and increases productivity?

The answer is 

 is a fully comprehensive, systematic model that ensures that you can become the industry employer of choice, attracting and retaining the best talent and then ensuring the highest possible return on investment on each employee. So many organisations spend millions on external communication only to have the customer relationship broken by a bad experience with the people that represent the brand or an unmet promise.

That makes no sense! People create the brand experience so let us get them fully engaged with your
organisation and your brand.


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